Guide to Jitter Click and Aim in Minecraft

If you belong to the gaming community, then you know better that how much clicking is important in PC gaming. So, if you are looking for how to jitter click then you are come at the right place where we guide you how to improve your clicking speed through jitter click with easy steps.

What is Jitter Clicking?

Jitter Clicking is a mouse striking technique that allows PC gamers to click the mouse quickly as compared to regular clicking. Usually, the games like Minecraft and first-person shooters need high clicking speed and their users practice the art of jitter clicks for these games to get more hits.

How to Jitter Click?

Jitter clicking allows the gamers to pressurize their arm muscles for generating vibrations to the fingers that leads to a quick burst of mouse clicks.

How to do Jitter Clicking_

This technique is not easy and it required a lot of practice, but if you became master in jitter clicking then you can make more clicks per second and also the jerking of your hand is not even visible.

Here we are going to guide you with some easy steps that will lead you to learn jitter clicking. So, read it carefully and practice regularly to become a pro-clicker.

1. Buy a New Mouse

The first thing you need to do is buy the mouse that covers all the important features of a typical mouse. Make sure that your mouse is updated according to demand and try not to use an old mouse which is not able to fulfil your demands, because a perfect mouse helps you in Jitter clicking.

2. Tense Up Your Arm and Wrist

When you jitter-click, tense up your arm and wrist like when you are flexing muscles your hand is basically vibrating, but it becomes very hard to click the mouse. Although, it cannot be in relaxed position but it can increase your clicking speed.

3. Shake Your Arm and Hand

Shake your whole arm and hand up and down slightly, and make sure that these (your arm and hand) are not flat against the surface. Because they are stiff so you move both of them easily.

4. Curved Your Pointer Finger

Your right hand shouldn’t be wrapped all the way around your mouse and your pointer finger curved, so your palm holds the grip on the base of the mouse.

When you do this, make sure your other 3 fingers still in the air and one thing keep on mind that this will be going tough and it takes continuously practice to perfect it.

5. Vibrate Your Hand

Use the muscles of your arm and wrist to vibrate your hand and this will help you to get faster clicks. So, if you want to get faster clicks then use your whole arm, but if you want to get the accuracy then use your wrist.

However, in this whole process make sure that you are vibrating your hand to click, not pressing directly the mouse button to click.

6. Keep practicing in Minecraft

As you may listen this quotation that “Practice makes a man perfect”, and here also the same situation. In start, it become very boring and difficult session but after continuous improvement you will definitely get high clicking speed. So, make sure to practice regularly if you want to be good at it.

7. Do a Jitter Click Test

Once you have learned Jitter clicking, that doesn’t mean you should stop there. It is that time when you have to go and do your click speed test.

Here is a video demonstrating how to jitter click

This video explains how you can do jitter clicking effectively.

Consequences of Jitter-Clicking and Aim

If you use jitter-clicking technique over a long period of time, then this may can hurt your hand, arm, wrist and fingers. It may be stretch your arms and fingers after continuously usage.

Is jitter clicking dangerous?

One of the medical complication that jitter clicking may cause of Carpal Tunnelling. This will effect on your median nerve of the hand gets compressed and this will occur through its aggressive use.

Final Thoughts

The clicking speed is determined by calculating the number of clicks over a given time period. And the mouse striking speed is calculated in clicks per second (CPS). Moreover, the average click speed is about 6 clicks per second and the fastest clicker can click at about 10-12 clicks per second.

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