Click Speed Test to Check Clicks Per Second | CPS

Want to test how many clicks you can do in a second? Click Test aka Click Speed Test is the method to check how many clicks you can do each second which determines how fast you are with your fingers. You can perform it for 5 seconds, 10 seconds or continuously. It is also a way to test the limits of your new mouse.

Start Clicking anywhere on the below area of cps counter to check clicks per second.

Clicks per second: 0

Your CPS is continuously calculated as you perform clicks. Challenge your self for 40.2 CPS which is the world record till now. The Higher the CPS score, the better you are.

Clicks Per Second Test

Have this thought of checking your clicking speed ever came to your mind? Well, you are not alone and in reality, it is a worldwide game in which different people test their clicking speed. This game is known as CPS Test. Not only this is a game but this test is also used to check new mouses and other devices for clicking. The ultimate goal of this test is the CPS score which shown right below the CPS counter.

Click Speed Test

If you are thinking about how to check your CPS then simply follow the following steps

  1. First, open
  2. Locate CPS Counter Blue Box
  3. Start Clicking on the designated area as fast as you can
  4. Stop whenever you are at the peak of your score
  5. Your CPS score will be continuously displayed to you
  6. If you want to reset it to zero then click the reset button

Average Click Speeds

If you are thinking about how fast people can click on average then the following table can answer your question.

Regular Clicking5-9
Jitter Clicking10-14
Butterfly Clicking15-20
Drag Clicking21-100
How we Calculate CPS?

It is very easy to calculate your CPS using our website. We use a simple formula of diving the number of clicks you are performing in a unit time. Here the unit time is most probably seconds. The other easiest method is to Go to CPS Counter and Start Clicking on the given area. Your CPS will be automatically calculated in it.

How fast can you click in 10 seconds?

It depends upon the type and device you are using for clicking. If the device is like a gaming mouse then average click speed for regular clicking type would be somewhere around 9-14.

How many clicks per second is fast?

There is no real answer to this questions however, the world record for maximum clicks is 15.4 clicks per second. While average is somewhere around 6-9.

What is butterfly clicking?

In butterfly clicking, you have to place your both fingers in a such a way on the button you want to click so that if one finger is leaving the mouse the mouse after clicking, the other should be touching the mouse. In this way you can achieve a maximum of 20 CPS.

How can I get faster at clicking?

You can get faster at clicking by changing your way of clicking from regular to Jitter or butterfly clicking. The other way is to get a good mouse specifically gaming mouse for this purpose.

How do you drag click?

It is one of the hardest ways of clicking. The easiest way to place your finger gently on right or left click area and then glide it gently down. It will create a ripple-like vibrations effect which would be drag clicking.

Mobile Tapping Speed Test also allows its user to test their mobile tapping speed. It is a simple and convenient process. You just have to open the website and go to the CPS counter and you can start tapping on it as fast you want. The process of calculating mobile tapping speed is exactly similar to the process of calculating cps.

Butterfly Clicking

This is another fast method of clicking in which you have to place two fingers over your mouse clicking button and start clicking.

This special technique requires you to have one finger moving up while others moving down. In this way, the mouse button will be clicked simultaneously. This is known as butterfly clicking due to the fact that your fingers move up and down like a butterfly’s wings.

Kohi Click Test

Before learning about Kohi Click Test, you need to understand what Kohi actually is. It is a Minecraft server known for its Hard Core Factions game modes. It is also the biggest Potion Styled PvP arena server known for its faction servers.

The same thing which was Kohi Click Test can now be done using

Jitter Cliking

If you require a burst of clicks in a minimum amount of time then Jitter clicking is the best option to do it. It is widely used by gamer to perform a lot of a number of clicks in the least amount of time.

This technique is mostly used in games like Farmville and Minecraft but Clicker Games are now on the rise as well. These games have gone so popular that there is now an official world record for CPS.

Here is demonstration video on Butterfly vs Jitter Clicking in Minecraft

World Record for Click Speed Test

The world record of the highest CPS ever is claimed by Tom Andre Seppola who used CPS test to record this feat. He achieved 40.2 CPS (402 clicks in 10 seconds).

If you want to break this record then you have to simply create a small video demonstrating the CPS you achieved and send us in email. We will contact you back with congratulations and your name on our website.